Illustration for article titled Crappy Vic
Illustration for article titled Crappy Vic

So this guy who is an ace mechanic and fabricator was bending my ear about, “Yeah, just run down to Pick-n-Pull and grab a fender and it’s easy. “Yeah, right,” says I. Anyhow, when I was actually at Pick-n-Pull, there are a couple of blokes who hang around and pull assemblies for people who pay them cash. $80 to pull a Vic rear end, for example, if I wanted. Dude said he’d replace the full front clip on Crappy Vic for $300. Well.... I sent word to Ace Mechanic Fabricator Dude that the bloke at the junkyard had offered to do the job for $300 and asked whether he’d be interested in doing the job for that price and he said, Sure. And here we are, so far.


The 3.55 Posi rear end is at home in my driveway. Next is deciding whether to replace the clutches before I install the rear end, or wait and see how it performs first. I’m sort of leaning that way...

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