Crappy Vic Update

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1) I am picking up the parts for the front clip tomorrow morning first thing: fenders, support, hood, bumper guard... and I have a guy who’s going to install them for me as early as Sunday.


2) I ordered a 3.55:1 LSD rear axle with 115k miles today from LKQ, should arrive next Thursday or so. Replace the 3.27/open peg leg that’s on there now.

3) I ordered paint for the US Navy Measure 32 Dazzle camouflage scheme and I’ll be painting my first car using Rust-oleum. (Special thanks to Long Voyager for patiently sharing his experience with me!)


Then when I’ve paid for all of this, I’ll have a shift reprogramming kit installed for stronger shifts, though the transmission in the 2010 seems like it shifts much more positively than the one in the 2000 that I drove for a while some years back.

This is my report.

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