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Crapri News. And Other Things.

I found an engine for the Capri, the SHO is nearly done and I have developed a deep dislike for 2005 Ford Foci.

Bad-ish news first. The Focus is a 2005 ZX5 with a 2 litre and a five speed manual, in theory, awesome in practice the car has almost 300,000 km and ten years of Canadian winter driving. So its getting rough around the edges.


It’s latest trick is a strange code, or rather, five of them. Four different misfires and an intake runner code. I think I’ve solved the problems with the misfires by changing the ignition coils and parts of the coil harness including the plugs atbthe coils.

But it still acts up. I’m drivingalong, and when I really get on it and let it rev out and load up the engine, it cuts power and the check engine light flashes. Very irritating on a long hill, dangerous trying to pass a truck on said hill.


Any ideas as to what could cause this?

Next, the SHO. Its still at the shop been there since February. I told the guy to take his time on the off chance he’d give me a break on the bill, which he has, but u really wanted to race the car this summer.


Evidently it just needs a new master cylinder and ittl bee good to go as far as moving is concerned. Once that’s done, I need to bring it home to patch some holes and replace some wear parts, change the oil, that sort of thing. Once I’m employed, a carbon fibre hood is on order since my original fibre glass one is nearly snapped in two.

And time for the best news. The Crapri has an engine! A 302 smallblock will fill that engine bay quite nicely. Especially since its a $200 302 smallblock.

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The only niggle is that I don’t have a manual transmission. So its getting an automatic. But, its a small block C6 that came out of a drag car, so its got a fully manual valve body. So its no worse in my opinion than any of those silly semi automatic transmissions these days. Better, because the shifts are stiffened up and nothing in that case is stock. All I need now is a floor and a rear axle and I’m good to go.

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