On my way home from work today there was an accident ahead, already cops and an ambulance. It was a side street so there were only a few cars waiting to get by when a second ambulance shows up. i was car 3 of 4 cars in line. the woman infront of me throws it in reverse and backs right into me. good job. she gets out, yells at me and is more concerned with the guy in the accident, even though she didn;t know him, “this is my neighborhood what are you doing here I’m not worried about this, theres a guy under a truck” (there wasn;t something else happpend) “you shoulda backed up this is your fault and got out of my way” I almost lost it at that. I was stationary, no way i’m at fault. fortunately the cop directly traffic saw the whole thing go down. and another women. she also saw her yelling at me which she thought was pretty insane.

image not really representative of actual scene

edit: this was not in the WRX, it was the xB for work.