Crashing A Miata or: How To Take A Skirt Off A Tight Japanese Body

Had a bit of a nasty run-in with the Miata last weekend. I got talked into taking my roommate hiking and that was the only road-worthy car in my fleet: he drives a Prius and I was midway through something on the Volvo.

The Miata handled the unpaved roads like a champ and made me think that it would be a great rally car someday until I made a sharp right and the edge of the road yanked the side skirt clean off the driver’s side.


Fortunately there’s no serious damage - the side skirt was just pulled clean off its clips, though a few were damaged enough to warrant replacement or went missing. $20 in new clips and $20 in touch-up paint will have it looking like new again.

The hike ended almost before it began since he couldn’t handle high altitudes. Whoops. Better luck next time.

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