Craving Some Redlines Today

There is just something about the Saturn Vues with the 250 hp Honda 3.5L V6 (J35A3) that makes me want to drive them. Toss in how JDM the early first generation Saturn Vue Redlines were, plus the relative rarity and my weirdo want-o-meter starts kicking up like crazy.


I also think an Ion Redline would be a hoot to toss around. Both the Vue and Ion had the white backing for the gauges but the Ion had that centralized instrument cluster.

Wait a moment, is this an Ion Redline with the Competition Package? There’s no way that boost gauge has...



Ferrari be damned, my inner child is hitting puberty harder than any rev limiter!


Hmm, the comp pack has an LSD so might as well find the factory tuning kits and take this 205 hp car to a 236 hp Stage 1 car or a 241 hp Stage 2 car. Still technically stock so I can keep my khaki wearing cubicle-goer persona when I pull up next to a new Civic Si!

“My Saturn is quick enough to come for Uranus, brah!” Note that I would never yell that out because I’m cooler than Coltrane’s smoking penguin. You all know this, man! All in a Gundam Saturn Ion...


But obviously the real gem is, and will always be, the Saturn Sky Redline.


Yes, you can have a 260 hp turbo 4-cyl but why not take advantage of that GM turbo kit and pop it up to 290 hp and 325-340 lb-ft of torque? Or just toss an LS in it, whatever...

All fun and games aside, I have been itching for a Saturn Sky for a few years now. One day I’ll have enough for a first gen Infiniti FX, a Saturn Sky, and a few other odd ownership wants I need to get out of my system. Actually a clean Sky, an FX, and my Amanti might be a surprisingly nice garage...

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