Here is a car that might be worth around $5,000 if everything worked: a 2001 BMW 740il in reasonably good shape. However, this particular example needs something like $1500 in engine work. Fair enough, if you were willing to take on the work and could talk the guy down to $3000 or less, you could have yourself a pretty sweet ride at a fair price. So naturally the seller is looking for 5 times that. I've seen some crazy things on Craigslist, but usually they're either plain bad cars, or poorly written ads, or insane gibberish, or prices that reflect a car's sentimental value rather than its market value....but this is a fairly detailed, thorough ad as Craigslist goes, asking for probably 5 times the car's value. At first I thought the guy had just added an extra zero in the title and thinking this might be a steal, but if you read the whole thing, it's clear that he thinks this bus is actually worth $15k. What gives?