Crazy assholes need to stop ruining everything for everyone

I took the family to a car show / food truck tonight. I was talking with a mother while our kids played in front of a burger truck. BANG. The entire show went silent and everyone turned to where the noise came from with a panicked look.

It was only a backfire. One of the food trucks’ generators must have run out of gas and cut out. But after what happened in California over the weekend, everyone was thinking something else. Honestly, a garlic festival sounds like heaven to my mouth and the though that someone could shoot up a place like that is incomprehensible. It sucks that where ever we go, movies, food festivals, malls, schools.., there is always a thought that it could suddenly turn bad.


PS-that silver Camaro back there has a newer Corvette motor in it (i’m guessing an LS1, i’m not up on my motors that well)

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