Och aye tha noo muthafuckas, Crazy Dave comin atcha from the first winter testiclizzle over on the sunny Espana side. And well, what ya know, it be my man Filly M settin the fast lap of the week with K Raik landing numba two. Musta taken a shit, fo add lightnessizle. Tha Red Bulls they be keepin their cards close, fo Adrian Newey secretizzle. And tha Ham, he be rockin that new Merc suit like Crazy Dave rocks those tighty-whitey jeans. Meanwhile his bossman Ross B, he be bringin a bulging package...of updates. Fo competitivenessizle.

Catch testing from Barcelona some time from now on the Sky Sports family of networks.

(This report is not associated with David Coulthard, SniffPetrol, or the Crazy Dave Coulthard persona. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Coulthard following the loss of his sister.)