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Does the headline mean the stories are crazy or that the dealerships are crazy? The phrase is amphibolous on purpose. I think “all of the above,” but you can be the judge of that - after you go look up amphibolous.

I’ve been handling lemon law cases for 24 years and I get all kinds of phone calls from people who have problems with car dealers as well. Sometimes the problems are run of the mill - like a car being damaged while in for repair or a dealer lying about some thing or another.


On the other hand, I’ve gotten calls from people who were told they: had won a free car; or, could have a Jeep Grand Cherokee for $100 a month lease. Psyche! Of course you don’t get those things. Or, how about vehicles which were essentially undrivable when sold as new? In these instances, the culprit was always the dealer - not the manufacturer.

So, both the dealerships and the stories are crazy. But does that really matter at this point? Here’s the audio:

And the video:

The pic at the top is just another roadside find; I’m sure it ran when parked (before it sank).


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Steve Lehto has been practicing law for 24 years, almost exclusively in consumer protection and Michigan lemon law. He wrote The Lemon Law Bible and Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation.


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