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I’m supposed to go through there to get home. I don’t think that is happening today.

there have been lemonade stands not getting shut down, raising funds for the family. Free coffee for cops all over town. There may be bad people in this world, but there are a lot of good ones.

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Crazy Level: Savage piece of shit

When your hometowns in the news and it makes you want to go hide.

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Thanks asshole. Everyone knows our town now and its because you are a savage piece of shit.

this douche, was reported as an erratic driver which quickly turned into a traffic accident. The driver got out, said sorry and ran. The first office on scene tracked him down where he was throwing rocks at a window to go hide in a house. He took that rock threw it at the cop, knocking him down. He then took the officer’s gun and shout him 10-12 times in the face. He ran again, saw and old lady standing in a window and shot her 3 times killing her. The office died as well if you were unsure. He was quickly shot in the leg and captured.


If this was not bad enough, this guy (20 y/o i think) had been caught selling coke to minors. He was released on bail and skipped his drug testing. He never should have been allowed out on the street. He has a history of violence and is basically the worst of those with who we share this world. His girl friend is also a piece of shit. She was gifted a brand new BMW and allowed the main piece of shit to drive it. she initially called in the car as stolen then admitted to being with him.

the office who was killed lives int he same town as I do now. Coming home last night there were blue lights on many houses showing their support for the family. He had a 4 and 9 y/o daughter. The picture above is was his cruiser.

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