I have spent a lot on my problem hobby recently. Even beyond the cars, when I get into a new hobby I go all in. Just asking all of my rock climbing gear that I use maybe twice per year when the one guy I know who still does that, wants to go.

Anyway, I want to get the APR tune on my Alltrack. I already had it scheduled for next Saturday, but I pushed it back a month because I got to feeling bad about spending another lump on one of the cars. So I put that money in the joint account and told my wife to get/do something nice for herself and put the rest in the account we have for our daughter.


In researching financing options for the 1502, I opened a few accounts and made small deposits with several banks and credit unions. In addition I have a ton of stuff that needs to be sold on ebay or car forums. Sooooo my plan is to fund all mods for the VW by snatching those little bits of cash from those accounts and selling stuff. For the tune I have the added challenge of coming up with that money in a month.

I will keep the highest interest savings account open that I will use just for saving for car parts so that I’m never really sure how much is in there and it’s not directly connected to my main bank.

Right now I’m looking at $170 in the account I plan to use. I’ve got a bunch of older apple stuff on ebay. That combined with what I’ll net from closing the other accounts, I should be up around $600-700. The issue here is time. I need $1100. Closing these accounts and getting the money will take time, and selling stuff takes time.

Anyone else have creative saving tactics? I’m talking about “cash for stuff” savings here. Idc about your portfolio, retirement, investment properties...
I put part of each pay in a savings account as a “whoops” fund. I’d love for it to be more than that, but every time I save a good bit...Whoops, we have to spend 3 grand on something.


The last thing I do is more of an act of desperation more than a saving tactic. I do a lot of moonlighting, and I am passively but purposely very relaxed about invoicing/getting paid. Same with expenses at my day job, or actual paper checks that I get (from companies. I don’t hold peoples personal checks because that is a shitty thing to do). Basically, I drag my feet on taking any money that requires a little effort to get to, assuming I don’t need it right away.

So when I took the 02 for a “check over” and the bill was enough to buy a used Honda, I went “digging in the couch”. I invoiced every client, deposited every check, and turned in all of my expenses at work to soften the blow. I don’t rely on this tactic, but it has pulled me out of a bad spot more times than I can remember. Accounting is across the hall from my office, when I turned in a stack of expenses she said, “which car broke?”

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