By someone in Iowa, who had attempted to buy $107 worth of food at McDonald’s, followed by $close to that amount at a local food place. Those charges were both blocked by Chase and I was notified soon after, although an $11 online purchase made it through. Is this really why people illegally gain access to someone’s account? To fund a fast-food craving..?

Chase was great to deal with. Opened the mobile app, clicked the relavent card, and it only took one more click to freeze the card. They’ve got a great UI, that really gets a good balance between simplicity and having access to everything. No bullshit “go to our desktop site for the full user experience” like Bank of America.


Called the number on the back of the card and within five minutes the charges were removed, the card was permantly shut off, a new one was overnighted and an email was sent detailing the above.

Good is on the way, and I’ve got some homebrewed apple.... Uhh.... “alcohol” that a warehouse manager I’ve worked with gave me earlier today. He said it was moonshine-ish and the base was everclear, but I opened the top and it smelled amazing. Not like something you’d use to remove aircraft paint. That’s a massive cinnamon stick that’s been sitting in there for about thirty days now. Should be good!

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