So... A while ago, I was pasting a photo into a post for Oppo. Normally, when I do this, I see two of that photo appear. But this time, only the first of the two photos that appeared was the photo I was actually trying to paste. The second and larger of the two was, I kid you not, a picture of Pennywise the clown sticking his head out of a tunnel. I have never seen “It”. I have never searched for anything relating to “It”. I don’t even like horror movies. I have no idea where this creepy photo came from, and it freaked me the heck out. I deleted both photos and attempted to paste it a second time, and the second time it worked properly with no scary clowns in sight. So far, this creepy glitch has only happened to me once. Is this an unusual occurrence? Does Kinja often do this if it has a problem with a photo? Should I be concerned? What happened?


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