Cressida Cressida Cressida

It has been getting a lot of attention since it got home. I drove it to work yesterday, and my wife drive it this morning. My 16 year old son drove it this afternoon, and is absolutely enamored with it, and that lovely inline 6. He kept saying how much fun it is to drive, and how much it wants to get up and GO.

Dose sunset plates....
New taillights replaced a broken set.
Love this grille
Dat greenhouse
Sunset plates!

The best part is my wife keeps saying how much she loves it and it is the best present she ever got. I did good, Oppo. I am very excited about restoration.

A kid about 19 or 20 approached us in a parking lot and said, “How much you want for that Cressida, yo? I wanna drift that bitch.” I told my wife I would have let it go for $5k, and she informed me that selling it is not an option, as she intends on driving it as much as possible.

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