Cressida day and project updates

Finally moving forward. It goes in today for a full inspection and brakes. They are going see if they can get the a/c working, and perhaps sort out the tail light electrical gremlins. I do not think it is that far from roadworthy, which means we can have some fun while saving for body, paint, and interior restoration.

The T Bird is also inching forward. It has no title as it is a true barn find. We have been working on getting a new title issued, but it has needed a VIN verification. The 48 year old plate inside the door is aged beyond recognition, and the DMV staff could not find a way to verify the VIN (they have to match it in two locations on the car). CHP was unhelpful on the phone, and I was getting ready to drive it up the highway to the big CHP HQ in desperation.


Except, there is a girl in band with my son at school who, according to my wife, has a huge crush on our kid. (I feel bad for her because he is very devoted to his girlfriend.) My son denies that there is a crush; they are just friends from band.

As it turns out, her dad is a CHP officer. My son casually lets it drop that Officer Dad is going to personally come by the house, verify the VIN, and give us the paperwork we need for DMV to reissue the title. Officer Poncherello could not have been nicer, and told me that he was of course happy to help any friend of his daughter.

I know we have lady Oppos, and I claim no understanding of the female mind, but methinks the crush theory carries some weight. Because I don’t see dad coming to some kid’s house to do paperwork on a fucked up old Ford without his baby girl providing some powerful motivation. Teens are strange beings.

Cardioligist today. Wish me luck, Oppo. I think I pushed myself too hard yesterday and I am very tired this morning.

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