Emailed with the seller, and paid the deposit. The car will not be ready for pickup until the end of the month because he is putting in a new radiator, which I am willing to wait for. Move the mirrors to the fenders, and this is pretty close to how I want to deliver it on her birthday, with one of those big, dumb bows on it. Not exactly the same car, but damn close.

Thanks to TheD0k_2many toys 2little time for this pic.


Gives me time to (1) research fender mirrors:

  • I like chrome, but they all seem to be manual, and I think electric would be slick. Even the black bullet shaped ones are cool.
  • Electric would be slick, but how difficult to hook up, make work, and keep working?
  • What will fit this car? Most I looked at last night were compatible with the MX73 Cressida - this is an MX63. It changed mid-year in 1984, and I don’t know how close they are. I think they should fit, but I need to go digging in some Toyota forums to see.

(2) Order wheels.

  • I am pretty set on those Work Equip wheels that I posted last night, but this gives me some time to shop around. They are on the car above.

(3) Other ideas

  • Nardi steering wheel? What do you think?

Any other creative ideas? I need quick things I can do in time for her birthday. It is an old, car, so there will be more down the road to do. I know I will need to do a headlight upgrade, so if you have ideas on halogen v. LED, I am curious.

It might be cool to put yellow lights on.

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