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Criminal Minds Car "Hacking"

This is one of the most recent episodes of Criminal minds, Collision Course. The episode began with two car accidents with pedestrians getting hit. The drivers said they didnt have control over the car as it took over driving for them to run down the pedestrians. Cue the lines that let me know that I was going to get upset during this episode.

Same make and model vehicle, two drivers saying they lost control, this sounds like theyre thinking hacker.

Could be, most cars made after 2009 regardless of make or model are vulnerable to hacking


The main plot of the episode (spoiler warning if you had your mind set on watching this episode) was that the killer wanted both to kill the pedestrian and watch the driver suffer throughout the hacking. He would hack into the drivers phone (he only did it to cars with phone mounts) to watch them, hack into their dash cam to watch the road or use security cameras, and would be able to control steering, brakes, and throttle remotely. Pretty talented guy.

So after the ridiculous line about vulnerable vehicles, the three/four different cars they then use are the following:

2013 Meridianwhich looks like a 05-11 Lexus.


2016 Shilohwhich I think is a 96-06 Galant(?)


They never make up a name for this one but its a 93-00 Mercedes C-Class


Then, to end the episode the killer kidnaps a woman and from the passenger seat, remotely drives them around. The car theyre in is supposed to be the same as the first vehicle, a 2013 Meridian. The exterior shots they show are definitely of a 06-12 Altima.


While trying to track them down the following exchange takes place-

Well, can you hack directly into the car?

Well, of course Ive already tried that because that, you know, what I do, but hes put a firewall around the vehicles controller area network.


What the hell is a vehicles controller area network?? (Edit, CAN-Bus, Im an idiot)

Anyway, the killer wants to drive into a wall at full speed with both of them in the car. Of course the BAU tech analyst comes to the rescue and engages the brakes by successfully hacking his car and everyone lives happily ever after.

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