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Crisis of Faith - Oppositelock edition

Because you haven’t had enough yellow Corvette posts yet this year, here’s another one.

I was dreaming, as I do nowadays, of my upcoming Yellow Corvette purchase. And I was thinking of my old 2002 Z06, and how much I loved that car. How much, you ask? Well, I’m on my 40th motor vehicle I’ve owned, and I’ve had a driver’s license for 23 years. I keep cars for a year, or less, usually. I kept that car for 9 years. I only sold it because I could no longer have 3 cars, and I thought we needed two family cars. I was wrong on that second part, but right about the first.

I don’t regret selling it, because it was black, and it was frustrating, and I always wanted a yellow one. Anyway, I have been given permission to return to a Corvette, as you all know, because I endlessly post on it. I was pretty sure that getting a C7, because it’s newer, more modern, probably safer and better in every way, right? You’d think that. I know, I know. Interior this, build quality that, but god dammit, the C5Z06 looks so good.


But then, there’s also the c6! The C6 also looks so good...


But then there’s the Stingray...


I know the old adage about “Buy the newest Corvette you can afford.” And it makes sense. Technology has marched forward.


The C7 might be the best of the bunch, but I know the C5 better than I know my children. I like the C6 a lot, I would probably go GS, though. Maybe. I would get a Base C7, though, for various reasons, but even so, they are vastly more complicated than either the C6 or C5. The C5 is sitting on 1997 technology, the C6 is 2005 Tech, and the C7 is 2014 tech. Parts for the C5 might be getting harder to find, the C6 is fine, no issues there, the C7 is more expensive to source parts for.

I’m still looking for a DD, not likely to do much if any track time anymore. Not for a few years. The C5Z06 and C6 are hitting comparable price points near the 20's right now, the C7's are still sitting mid 30's, so it might be a bit before they dip below that magic number, unless the Mid-engine drives the price down.


All advice says go for the C7, logic says go for the C6, but the heart wants what it wants...

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