Okay fine, Cajun Ginger mended my hair, and showed me how to mend my hair going into the future!

This opens the door for pretty much unlimited hairstyles! Sorry, no pics at the moment...that will be a later post on my own personal blog. :)

When I get home, I’m going to play with it some more and try to recreate the style I left the salon with...or at least close to it.

On the PayPal front, I got my bank to immediately refund the money (after multiple calls and lots of crying), so that crisis has been averted.

After a full scan and clean of all computers I’ve used in the past several weeks, we’re concluding that the source of the phished information was Miss Tesla’s computer. The hacker most likely made off with her Steam login info (changed), my PayPal login info (changed), her Gmail login info (changed), her Facebook login info (changed), and her phone number.


And since my Mac’s new power cable has finally arrived, I can finally download one of my favourite PS2 era games!