I can’t afford a proper driving coach. If you can find a way for me to shave some time off of these laps in any way, I’d appreciate the feedback. I’ve watched older videos of me on the track and have been horrified at all the obvious mistakes I was making — but at the time I thought it looked like I was doing pretty good.

Please note that the overlay shows all turns in red no matter the speed. When I launch the car off the Corkscrew about the ~11:00 minute mark it still seems to say I’m slow but c’mon now. The G meter in the corner isn’t exactly scientifically accurate but it’s all happening with a lot more speed and force than it appears. You cannot imagine how well I slept last night after a full day of this.

Other bonuses are me being passed under yellow at the very end due to the Ferrari that went off the track which is visible in the last few seconds.

Thanks for all feedback, snarky, useful, or what have you. I’m aware that I’m posting video and asking for criticism so I prolly deserve whatever you dish out.