Mrs. Alfalfa was involved in an accident earlier today. One passenger in the other car went to the hospital complaining about back pain. Everyone else is okay.

There was a construction vehicle parked in the red zone right at the corner of an intersection, so my wife could not see traffic going through the 2 way stop. Got hit by an S10. The police didn’t issue her a citation and said they would “be dealing with the construction company”, and took pics of the rig before telling the people to move it.


This is basically all I know of the damage, they were already loading on a flatbed by the time I got there. The driver of the S10 was a very kindly old man and handled everything really well. My wife felt horrible that the passenger was injured and already struggles with anxiety. I’d say she was just shy of a full-fledged panic attack when she called me.

She requested I also include this pic to show off how well our good boy helped her feel better at the scene.


As for the fate of the Hyundai, without being able to really inspect the damage I won’t be surprised either way if they decide to fix or total it.

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