Remember that first house I posted that my wife and I fell in love with and tried to put an offer on?

Anyway, backstory: Our realtor contacted the listing agent and listing agent said house is sold and under contract. House was still listed as of yesterday, so my wife called the listing agent herself. Turns out, the house is still active on the market and doesn't even have any pending offers!

Basically, our realtor has been undercutting the competition by charging less commission and basically being honest. We have known him for quite a while. And now, all the other realtors and realty companies in town are ganging up on him, spreading rumors about him, and refusing to work with him. I had no idea we picked the most hated guy in town!

So, the listing agent lied to our realtor to avoid working with him and having to split a smaller commission (most agents charge 7-8%, our guy charges 4% for the exact same services). My wife and I, being the stubborn people we are, submitted an offer on the house last night and the homeowners have until 1:00 P.M. today to decide. And their realtor is required by law to show them the offer. So, we'll see. If we get the run around again, I'm going to the homeowners myself and I'm going to politely inform them that they could've had their house sold twice and their realtor keeps screwing them out of it.

Have a Yenko Nova, just because.