I asked the question a few minutes ago about whether it's Possible To Sell An Expensive Car Privately. One of my thoughts with that is that if I have to, I may get something much less expensive and make the QX a trade-in with corresponding sale.

A while back, I lamented how I 'clicked' with my '07 Civic Si sedan, and never should have sold it to get the QX. I actually tried to take it out of that deal, but was one hour too late - they had just recorded the title.

Anyway, I further lamented how Acura dropped the ball with the ILX equivalent to the Civic Si. There's no upgrade path for the budget-minded enthusiast to go from the Civic Si to an Acura equivalent. Sure, you can get an ILX with the Si's (now) 2.4L I4 and 6-speed manual, but no limited slip diff, and no technology package (including navigation). Sorry, I may be coming from a Honda, but it was a top-level trim for that Honda.

Someone then pointed out the existence of the Acura CSX Type S, which was a Canadian-market-only, Acura-branded Civic Si. To the 8th-generation Civic Si, it added leather, heated seats, automatic climate control, xenons, and a few other goodies. That would be exactly what I'd want.


My question then, is what would be involved, if it's even possible, in buying a CSX-S in Canada and titling it here in the US? As an offshoot of that question, how about if I drove a nice big Infiniti QX56 up to the great white north and had that vehicle as my trade-in?

Is this whole line of thought as crazy as I suspect?

In my defense, I start the debate with "why don't I get another 8th generation Civic Si", then I see that I'd be paying more than I did for my new one in '07 for one with 60K miles on it already. That would mock me every time I looked at it. A CSX is just... different.


... or should I just go get an FR-S already?