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Did you guys, when you bought your last car cross-shop strictly in the same or roughly the same class of vehicle? When I was in the market I had one significant outlier...

When I bought my Taurus SHO I had cross shopped and test drove, with some it ended at a test drive, with others I very seriously considered them:
~2007 Grand Cherokee Diesel (didn't drive this one)
2010+ Lincoln MKZ
2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
2010+ Fusion Sport
2008+ Cadillac CTS 3.6DI
~2007 Cadillac CTS-V (didn't drive this one)

Right now for a 2nd vehicle I am cross shopping and it could still be years till I make a purchase, but I want something capable of towing:
Ford F150, F250 of just about anything from 1992 up.
But currently more-so into the <1998 Land Rover Discovery I


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