I finally see it and now you can too! The GLE Coupe, the X6, all the weirdness and existence is so easily explained. Americans want crossovers and sedans, put the two together and you get a crossover coupe. Give me a PowerPoint and I can sell this to anyone wearing a tie. Just look at this:

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe

The BMW 6 Series GT

The Kia Cadenza (which is the best execution of the shape since I’m the only person on the planet that noticed this).


The Yaris iA

All have that weird proportion that comes when a sedan tries to be curvy in style while still keeping the same rear seat volume from sedans with more linear design languages. Basically, when you decide to do the sleek coupe roofline but cant limit rear seat headroom.


You see this cabin shape lot in the sedan versions of very small cars like the Hyundai Accent and Ford Fiesta. Just cut the trunks down and make sure the C-pillar goes into the deck lid.

Now with that in mind, you can’t tell me that a non-car person wouldn’t look at this X6 and see it as a sedan that can go anywhere.


And now it makes sense why Volvo made the S60 Cross Country.

These are weird and frightening times but I think I can finally see what’s happening to the market.


Stay tuned...