Ran across this promotion for the Patrol (on the Nissan Australia site) and I can't help but, well, hate it.

1. if you didn't already know the Nissan patrol is the same as the Infiniti QX56, and when was the last time you though about that vehicle in the same thought as "tough offroad machine" which is the true Patrol Legacy. A rough and tumble truck this aint.


2. They know its meant for the yuppies of Australia, thus the Beethoven

3. They also want to trade on the off-road name, thus the driver and demonstration

I guess what I hate most is the idea of selling "refined capability" what that really means is that its convenient to trade on the capability, but refined is what sell. What you end up with is a bus for Mrs. gastroenterologist and the tikes and no true truck for Mr. overland and his mates. Granted, you can still buy the true Patrol over there as the Y61, but this version just makes me sad. At least you can still buy the land cruiser 200 with a snorkel, white paint, cloth seats and no frills (and turbo-diesel)