I just don’t understand crossovers; they’re boring, they’re everywhere, and they have no practicality. Most crossovers aren’t even fun to drive! If you want something good to carry people around, get a station wagon. Station wagons work in Europe, so they should work over here! They have more room inside, are low to the ground, and are much more fun to drive.

Speaking of fun to drive, we need manual transmissions. Few people buy them and not many people seem interested; we need to save the manuals! How many cars only come with automatics now? A lot! Manuals provide a more engaging driving experience; wagons, hatchbacks, and midsized trucks have those. Crossovers don’t. Crossovers suck.

Also, midsized trucks are definitely worth the price! I saw that article on Jalopnik this morning. The Tacoma has a manual transmission and can conquer the trails; the Titan is big and ugly. I almost forgot the Titan existed. The Titan is about as bad as crossovers, and crossovers are about as bad as...

“Michael, your bus is gonna be here soon! Get ready!”

“Okay, Mom!”

*Laces up Nike Revolution 3's, grabs Case-It binder, and heads out to the bus, rushing past his mom’s BMW X1.