Crossovers v. Wagons: What the Flex?

One of humanity’s greatest mysteries is how to classify the Ford Flex. Is it a wagon? A lifted wagon? A crossover? A Jalopnik wet dream come to life? Whatever you call it we can all agree it is undeniably sexy. But that’s not the point.

You have to see the whole thing as a spectrum. With CUV at one end and wagon on the other. Ford Escape versus Volvo V90. Trying to fit the Flex or the Outback neatly into either category is a futile endeavor.

And saying “all crossovers are just wagons” is obviously false. Stop it.


The Flex is 3/4 crossover, 1/4 wagon.

The Subaru Outback is 4/5 wagon, 1/5 crossover.

Other controversial figures include:


Subaru Crosstrek (3/4 hatchback, 1/4 crossover)


Mercedes-Benz GLA/Infiniti QX30 (3/4 hatchback, 1/4 crossover)


Infiniti QX50 (1/3 wagon, 1/3 hatch, 1/3 CUV, 3/3 cool if you live in 2005)


Infiniti QX70 (90% SUV, 10% hatch, 100% drop-dead gorgeous)

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and there are many more genre-bending crosshatchwagonbacks out there.

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