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Crosstour Lemon - Buyback

I know the Crosstour is not exactly the most well-loved vehicle on oppo / jalopnik, but I wanted to share a buyback / lemon experience.

Vehicle: 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour, 3.5 v6, awd, loaded. This was my in-laws vehicle.


The issue: The car would stutter or fail to accelerate. You push the gas, the engine stays running, but the rpm does not rise, the car does not accelerate. It may be more accurate to say it was very delayed in acceleration, because it would accelerate at some point. Sometimes the car would begin to accelerate, and then stop accelerating suddenly (return to idle) and without warning. A few seconds later it would re-engage. This can be particularly problematic when pulling out onto a busy road, for example.

Honda tried approximately 10 times to fix the issue in multiple ways (reflash mostly). Honda kept the vehicle for weeks at one point. Honda corporate was involved once (forget when).


Ultimately, Honda bought back the vehicle as a lemon. My guess is Steve Lehto would say that it probably is not officially under lemon law, but I am glad Honda did the right thing and offered a buy back.

They bought a 2016 Subaru Outback 3.6r, which I plan to write about once they take delivery (tomorrow) and I can check it out.

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