So this morning I was rushing to work. I was running 10 minutes late because well, I decided to put on lipstick when I totally didn’t have the time to. Ugh.

Anyway, the county my workplace is in uses Preformed Thermoplastic for road striping. The type they use is covered in millions of tiny matrix dots that are raised a few millimeters above the surface. While this does great for ensuring the stripes are visible in inclement weather, I learned the hard way they do jack for traction.

When a light I was at turned green, I was the first in line, so I spooled up that lovely turbo in Phil and punched it. Anyway, at the middle of 2nd gear (and still near WOT) and right before a crosswalk, I decided to change lanes. When the rear tyres touched the striping of the crosswalk, they broke loose!!! One small drift (the ground past the crosswalk was wet) and a pissed off traction control system later, I was back on track towards work.

I made up the 10 minutes, but I think I’m going to need new panties now.