Last post, I promise - arrived at destination :) 970 miles in 14h 20m for an average speed of 67.7 MPH. Not bad considering a break for lunch, 2 gas fills, and 2 rest stops. And not a car-related complaint from the passengers - human or canine! Only hiccup was we planned on stopping at a Chic-fil-A halfway, forgetting that it was Sunday. My son was unamused and refused to eat lunch when we stopped at a Chipotle. All in all, I’d say a success. While I would love a bit more sound deadening and a bit more passing power, the Outback is a great highway vehicle, especially considering the price point. It eats up miles comfortably in any weather and we just got something like 27-28 MPG cruising at 80 MPH with the AC blasting in the 110F Sonoran desert. 4 years in, and I am very pleased with this purchase, CVT and all. Wagon life!

Soon hopefully I’ll get the fender dents sorted...
Sonora, TX
El Paso, TX
Somewhere in New Mexico


Somewhere else in New Mexico. It pretty much all looks the same.
Old school Bentley R between Tucson and Phoenix, AZ
I am fortunate to have the most laid back dog ever.