Cruise to Santa Cruz

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Calling all Bay Area Oppos! This saturday there is an open invite to cruise to Santa Cruz and just enjoy a day of driving and the boardwalk. Those traveling from the Sacramento area will be taking this route down.


my personal route is going to be a bit different as I will be making a huge loop around the bay going up scenic highway 1 on my way back up to Fairfield.


The plan is to have a meet up at noon in the parking lot of the beach boardwalk, meet everyone and ether drive or enjoy the beach. I will be driving my "lil' bastard" E28 535i with my wife. We don't have an oppo sticker on the car but that should be ok as we will be noticeable.


So thats the plan. Who is up for it? Here is the official Facebook invite (thanks 505Turbeaux)

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