Cruiser got dirty this weekend

Which made us both happy. Its amazing for how bad a road vehicle the Cruiser is (I mean, its not BAD, but its not good) how much better a vehicle it becomes off road. Even minor roads and tracks it just changes its character completely.


Took my gals on a “quick overnighter”

Thing is...there wasn’t a lot of frivolous packing going on here. Aside from a bigger tent than we actually needed...this was all stuff we used. 1 adult and 2 kids.


About 80 miles, about 20 of those on trail.

The views did not suck


As a side note, I feel okay about loading it like this as I just noticed on a review on the newest GMC’s that the gross rear axle weight rating for my truck is higher than any current half ton truck. Those trucks usually have 3800 lb axle ratings, and the cruiser is 3970

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