Musing the first. Took my cruiser into a shop with vibration analysis tools and they concluded that my vibration problem was likely due to bad engines mounts. I guess its been about 300,000 miles since they’ve been changed, they might be due. Its certainly cheaper than a T-case rebuild which was my next opinion. The good news is that labor is cheap and the parts aren’t too much. Hopefully this solves it so I can spend money on fun things instead like a new electrical sub panel, battery and solar. or bumpers, or seats....

Musing the 2nd. I need new tires. I have 285/75R16 right now (32.8 inch) and they’ve more or less worked for me very well. I am geared for 35's with the speedo reading accurate (reads fast now) and I have the lift, stops and driveline parts to put 35's on right now very little effort. The only hangups are:

1. cost - 35's are about $30 more a tire, so instead of $180/tire its like $210. That adds up.

2. Spare tire location. The main reason to do 35's would be to increase departure angle. Stock these trucks have a pathetic 22 degrees departure angle (short wheelbase and big booty)

More tire, minus a hitch I no longer need = much less butt dragging, of which I do a lot of in this truck.


The problem is that a 315/75R16 doesn’t fit inflated in the spare tire location, and if it does fit deflated is hangs down really low.

So instead of dragging hitch steel I would be dragging tire. Basically I lose a little departure angle.


Options are:

1. Let it hang down except for wheeling where it would either go inside or on the roof.

I don’t love this because it takes up a LOT of room inside and that sounds like a pain to me.


On the roof is 60 lbs I don’t really want to have up high. I need my roof for other things like traction boards, fuel, tools and solar.

2. Tire swing


This option is appealing except for a lot of reasons why its not, for one its crazy expensive...even a cheap swing is going to run me a grand, and a nice one 2. for another i really don’t want to have to swing out a tire, the open the top hatch, then the bottom hatch just to get in, thats annoying. Lastly in lengthens the truck and adds a lot of weight on the back meaning new rear coils to support it. I do like that I get better recovery points, better protection AND a hitch mount back but its a big investment.

Truthfully 33's have never been TOO much a liability for me, but im set to do 35's and they look great on 80's and im not imune to that.


Lastly, and on the subject of tires...this


Super clean early 80 series on 245/70R16 tires. 29.5 inch tires. Weird. Stock size is 270/70r16 (31 inch). I guess it would be like re-gearing so you have a little more power, especially if you have the older 155 hp 3F, but if you need to get smaller tires to be able to stand driving it...maybe its not for you.

Its all relative of course, here is a 245/75R16 on an XJ


Also, I ran across a busy street to get that picture, and the owner came out right after I took them and was running back across the street. What a weirdo (me).