Cruiser update

Test drove this. Its funny; Mine has better brakes (much better), my engine feels just as strong and it drives, more or less, the same. The steering is better and the driveline lash is a little better but for all intents and purposes...aside from seat frames...I couldn’t tell much of a difference. This felt slower and it was a little louder on account of a resonator delete and extra weight. Its a nice, low (ish) mile example of the breed and built just about perfect for me but what driving it made me realize is that its really not far from what I have already. I could put a whole new engine in mine for less than the price difference between selling mine and buying this. Sure I would still have to buy the bumpers and such but honestly...I don’t really want a tire swing out. Its a pain.

I also test drove a what I thought was a much cleaner 100 series than it actually was.


it was BEAT. The interior and exterior looked well used and not well loved. it drove straight and ran fine but it was worn out. Still I gleaned a few things from driving it.

1. The steering and general “carness” is so much better on these.

2. The 4.7 V8 is so much harder worked in this than the GX. It didn’t feel that much faster than my 80 series.


3. The interior is a 55 gallon drum of meh. Seriously low effort. This was one of my biggest worries going from an 80 to 100 and it still is. The switches felt much worse, the nav is sad and incorporates the climate controls badly and everything had a kind of meltiness to it. It was a letdown.

4. I need to find a clean example to make a true judgement.

My radiator came in last night so this weekend Im going to find out how bad off the truck really is when I get a good look at it sans front. if this radiator solves 90% of the leaking issues...I might just keep it and roll with it until I find something I really like.

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