Crunch [Update]

My wife’s G37X got hit on Saturday. The car in front of her stopped short, she stopped accordingly and then the older Explorer behind her either hit her of his own accord or got pushed in to her by the bro-truck behind him.

There weren’t any injuries, but her Infiniti had damage to the rear bumper cover/assembly and the trunk lid but the Explorer was crunched. The bro-truck took out the back pretty badly since it was lifted and hit above the bumper shattering the rear window and caving in the hatch. The truck’s driver was the only one sited by the cops.


That means that she’s got a rental.

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This should be interesting.

Update: It’s totaled so now we get to try to find a replacement for a 2011 G37X with 45k on it without getting any kind of loan since we’re in the middle of getting a mortgage approval and we were specifically told not to borrow anything. The insurance settlement looks to be in the $17-18k range so it’s close but we might need to spend $5k out of pocket just because some people won’t keep a reasonable following distance.


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