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Crush Crush


Let’s talk about your car’s first maintenance.

When I was shopping for a new car the sales person at Carmax proudly told me that they do an oil change on every car they buy for their lot (as opposed for selling at an auction). For most cars this is probably a good thing, if the car will sit for a while on the lot it is better to have fresh oil than used oil. But I was concerned by the idea of them doing this on the Boxster that I bought. What if they used the wrong parts or messed up the installation? Perhaps I was overly cautious but I decided to do an oil change as soon as possible. And the photo above is what I found.


This is my first car that uses a cartridge filter so maybe this is typically happens when removing them, but I think that it was installed wrong. Either way I quickly removed it and installed a new one with the help of a work colleague who is much more comfortable wrenching than I am. I was able to get pretty much all of the bits from Pelican parts but the oil had a long lead time so I decided to get it locally. The strange thing is that the only place to get Mobile 1 0W-40 was Wal-Mart. Who would have thought they would carry an oil with such limited applications?

How did the first time you wrenched on your car go?


Hat tip to AMGtech for reminding me that the crushed filter was not OEM. The correct part is from Mahle and has a supporting internal plastic lattice that the crushed part lacked. Now it is back to stock and running fin. :)

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