Cruze Coal Roll

I was talking with my buddy on the way back from the PVGP on Sunday and during the course of discussion rememberd that Chevy made a diesel Cruze in the 2nd gen bodystyle. I remembered they made it in my body style using a 2.0L VM engine, but I did some research and learned that the 2nd Gen cars get the newer Opel/GM designed 1.6L turbo diesel. They even offer it with a 6 speed stick, in which case it returns 30/52 mpgs. Or they did, they apparently only offered the diesel in 2017 - 2018 with the stick. And of course they stopped making the car all together earlier this year.

Still, I was curious, so I’ve been searching for a diesel manual Cruze hatch when I noticed that several dealers have 2018 models that look suspiciously new. There are several with very low mileage (under 300, some under 100), some still have plastic wrap in various parts, one even had a window sticker. Yet they are all listed as used cars.

Is there a point when a new car sits on the lot too long that it can no longer be sold as new and has to be sold as used?


Brown diesel manual baby wagon for your time!

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