GM hasn’t had an “awesome” small car since the Cobalt SS. I’m using the term “awesome” here lightly, because it admittedly was a Cobalt (bland styling, crappy interior), but also had 260HP in turbo trim, with a 290HP factory performance package available, and “sky’s the limit” aftermarket support (700HP Ecotecs anyone?)

In the Cruze GM finally has a competent, world class small car. Now they need to step their game up. With the success of vehicles like the Ford Focus RS, Volkswagen’s R line, MazdaSpeed 3, I think it’s long overdue for GM to make a hot hatch.

The best part is, they have all the ingredients sitting on the shelf - Namely the aforementioned 260HP, 2.0L Ecotec turbo 4. The engine fits because it’s also used in the Buick Verano which is based on the same Delta II platform. Even more interesting is the fact that the Delta II was used in an AWD application in the Chevrolet Orlando, so the Cruze could benefit from this.

So how about it? Chevrolet Cruze SS vs. Ford Foucs RS? I’d be down for this.