So it’s been sitting in my driveway with around 3800 miles left on the lease. My GF owns the worlds worst Camry, a ‘96 auto I4 that has an exhaust that bounces around violently under the car at the slightest bump, a broken trans that limits it to about 60mph top speed, a rust hole behind the rear door that goes halfway across the car, and fucked up headlight wiring where they only work if the high beams are on, otherwise one is always lit unless you switch them to “on”. This car is top gear levels of bad. Since she was working from home, it was fine. She never really took it further than her parents house, 15 mins away. Now that she has a 30 minute commute, however, it’s not cutting it. So she’s using the Cruze as a commuter until the miles are almost up. Got this text this morning:

One man’s trash is his gf’s treasure, I suppose.