crv chronicles--new headunit

Here’s a GT-R for your time:

I took that picture at East Coast Bash at Englishtown Raceway in NJ last Saturday. That was an awesome time, and I’m extremely glad I went—I definitely recommend it even if you think you don’t like drifting.


Sometime last week, the cassette player in the stock radio of my car started acting up and ejecting my cassette to 3.5mm jack adaptors. So I used it as an excuse to spend money I don’t have and move up to 2015 by ordering an aftermarket radio. I refuse to drive a slow car and not be able to listen to music of my choice.

I spent part of today installing the new radio in the CR-V. Not a hard job by any means, but it was more involved than I thought. Apparently removing the radio entails removing the entire lower dash—driver’s under dash panel, center under dash panel, unhinging the glove box, etc. The radio is also secured to the same panel as the HVAC controls, so removing it leaves a glaring hole in the dash.





Complimentary Snapchat:


I’m notorious for breaking interior trim clips (they literally are the work of lucifer), but I’m proud to say I broke nothing today. First time that I’ve done something to the car in a while where I don’t break anything or something doesn’t go terribly wrong. I also got creative and managed to retain the factory lower DIN phone/Wendy’s receipts/etc cubby hole. Doing so introduced a couple of millimeters of play in how the cubby hole is mounted, but I wasn’t about to shell out $20 for a poorly made mounting kit with a smaller cubby hole.

If anyone else is doing this or something similar, make sure you get the wiring harness adapter on Amazon or something instead of handing Best Buy $20+tax. That shit is ~$5 online, but I spaced on buying it and 22-ish dollars was worth not having to hear Hot 97 play “Eat the booty like groceries” for the 29379273696th time.


The new headunit is good, but a definite fingerprint/smudge/dust magnet.

Now to fix some of the suspension and maybe finally cop a key fob for the car. If you made it this far, thanks for reading.

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