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CRV Rage

Ok for a couple years now I have have this as my commuter car. People think I drive with my brights on and will get out of my way and then pull back behind me and flash their brights in a rage. It’s the height of the lights. My low beams are by no means an Audi Q7 burning your eyes out. Just something I experience, anyone get this in any vehicle? I had a drunk guy in a 911 pull up beside me one night and do nuts yelling at me, since we were at a stop I demonstrated that I could switch them to high and that I was not driving with them. Well he was drunk, but a guy just pulled off and then pulled in behind me and flashed me non stop until he turned. I am actually totally against all these new lights, the shit that comes on these Geeeeerman cars is insane and it’s way too much for around town. Rant over....


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