CRX Update: it runs and I don't know why

Follow up from earlier, I went home and got in the CRX. Turned the key to on and heard the distinct sound of a fuel pump pumping. Seriously, Ive never paid attention to it but that sucker is noticeable.

Turned it to start and...fired right up. High idle but its fairly cold and does that normally.

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I'm stumped. The car just hates the cold apparently. Any thoughts? I went ahead and ordered new spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, and distributor rotor. I don't necessarily think all this will help, but it won't hurt and I bought this car to learn some wrenching skills so for $100 shipped (along with a new hood release cable) it should make for a nice weekend project this summer.


It's still not perfect though, quite a lot of noise coming from the accessories, noticeably a whining sound in the cabin responding to throttle. Best guess is water pump is due for replacing, which I was planning on doing this weekend with the timing belt anyways.

TL;DR: My CRX wishes it lived in the tropics, apparently

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