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Crying because I want this.

It’s a rare 1992-only W26 GT.

There was the INDY Beretta in 1990 only as that was the year the Beretta was the pace car at the Indianapolis 500. It was offered in teal and yellow. Had color matched wheels and the sportier FE7 suspension.


In 1992, GM had leftover INDY parts to get rid of. They slapped the teal color-matched wheels on Beretta GTs and called them W26s. The W26 GTs were offered in teal, white, and black. All had the teal wheels and the FE7 suspension.

This one is a gorgeous example and I want it. New 3.1 engine, new/converted and working A/C, no rust, and a non-warped dash. The holy grail of Berettas.


Damn it for being so pricey. If he wanted...say, $2,500, I’d probably be tempted to rid myself of Jolene (blasphemy, I know), fly to St. Louis, and get this Beretta.

Alas, ‘tis not meant to be.

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