If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


Pumpkin was here.

The Sunchaser goes in for a head to toe inspection, investigation of leaks still troubling me, and suspension work. I am super excited. What say you auto shop Oppos? Do you like a customer who is obsessed with the details of what is being done and why, or the one who tosses you the keys and pays you no mind at all? I think you know which one I am.

Say hi to Lucy. She is a 15 year old Chihuahua who came to us after surviving horrible abuse. She hates everyone except my wife, but most of all she hates Toby. She loves my wife like crazy, though. She likes the sun on her old bones.


This is my Calmyrna fig tree. I have no reason to post it except that I like it. An arborist once told me it was rare, but who the fuck knows? The only downside is that the figs make a big mess and attract snails. We have great trees on our property.

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