If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


That’s right, I finally have a vehicle after 3 long months... and it’s a boxy boi.

It’s a 2012 Cube S, with the 6-speed manual. It’s got a fair amount of features like power windows and locks and keyless entry, an ok stereo with an AUX jack, though it doesn’t have cruise control. Rides and drives great so far.


It does have a couple minor issues I’ll need to address. First, the tires are twice butt. They look like they’re performance tires (WHY??) and they're on their last legs, so I think I’m going to spring for a set of some Hankook all season tires that I found for relatively cheap at Discount Tire. Second, the rear speakers did not work because there are no rear speakers. It’s not like the previous owner took them, the dealer checked it out and there is just the foam that the factory put there when it was built. The sound is adequate for now. I’ll probably get some speakers later on.

It’s going to take me a bit to get used to driving a manual, and it’s the first 6-speed I’ve owned. But it’s a fun little car. It has the amount of power I’d wished the Fiat had. Sometime soon I’m going to take it for a nice long mountain drive and see how it does.

Thank God I have a car again!

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