It is no secret that Oppo is a land of dog lovers. Last night Moez Sayani asked for name recommendations for a new pup. So that got me thinking...what would be the best auto related names for our canine companions? And what breed would they match up to? Mixed and mutts are welcome as always.

Even though Corgis seems to be the unofficial mascot of Oppo I am a Dacshund man myself. This is Petey the Dacshs-hoon...if I could do it all over again and convince the wife to name him something car related I think I would go with Ferry.


A few reasons 1. They are both German. 2. Porsche's have a low center of gravity as do Doxies 3. Ferry was stubborn in the fact that he wanted to make a car with the engine in the "wrong" place and Dachsunds can be stubborn little buggers.

So what say you Oppo...what is your match-up for car name and a pooch?