Cum See These Texas Plates I Happened to Spot - Possible NSFW

I was at work when I suddenly noticed this man's car. I thought nothing of it besides that it was a custom plate, but then ... it hit me. I walked back to get a clear view of the plate. I stood there, giving it a good look, and I began accepting that indeed it was real. Naturally, I took a picture of it, and resumed what I was doing.


Later on in the day, I began thinking about it more and more and was trying to imagine what the owner of the car was thinking when he decided to pay for those plates. What was the reason behind them? What message he was trying to send out and to who he was trying to send it to, which could be anyone that might happen to be walking by it in a parking lot or the car behind him as he was on his way home from the grocery store.

I soon was able to move on, and never thought about it again ...


At this point, I immediately came to conclusions that those two cars were owned by the same person because:

  • The plates were basically exactly the same! (similar to how the famous Tony Stark names his plates)
  • The Chevy Avalanche and the CTS were parked in the same spot (which he was probably able to claim his by parking there everyday over the years of working in the building that parking lot was made for)
  • I like believing that I am usually always correct

Honestly, for all I know, the owners of the Avalanche and the CTS could be best buddies ever since the 1st grade, and they wanted matching plates.


Here's a picture of the back of the truck:


I still have mixed emotions about these plates and if it's worth my time to keep on pondering on about them.

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