Something the ‘19 Crosstrek was lacking was a rubber mat in the center console box. While considering possible solutions, I stumbled upon this set of custom fit rubber mats from CupHolderHero. It seemed excessive, but for ~$20, I thought I’d give them a try.


Opening the kit, this is what you get. There are four highlight colors available - orange, blue, white, and solid black. I should point out that I picked up an older style kit on eBay, simply due to the fact that the solid black version was not available when I made my purchase. All four versions appear to be available now. The main difference in the kit is the door pocket cup holder mats are now two-pieces per door, versus one-piece in the older style kit.

The fit is overall a tad loose for most pieces, save for the center console mat. The door pull liners are definitely a bit excessive, as is the mat for the tiny upper tray in the center console. They seem like they will clean easily, and each piece has a molded tab for easy removal.

The one-piece door cup holder mats don’t sit completely flat, which is why they moved to a two-piece design. However, the two-piece design appears to leave a gap between the two pieces, where the 1 piece design does not. I’m not sure which I’d like better, but I do like the continuous protection of the 1 piece design.


The verdict? For the price, its a decent piece of kit. We’ll see how they hold up, and whether I keep using most of the pieces. The center console mat is staying for sure.

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